Zhou Fang Group, novel coronavirus pneumonia, has donated 100000 pieces of isolation clothing to the Red Cross Society of Jiangxi Province under the banner of the isolation clothing manufacturer, Rong Lai Medical Technology Co., Ltd., in Jiangxi, to suppo

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been donated by Jiangxi Zhou Red Cross to Ganzhou and Xinyu in 100000 separate clothing for relief of the shortage of medical supplies in the area. In addition, Zhoufang group also promised that during the epidemic period, it will continue to donate 10000 isolation suits to the society every day until the end of the epidemic. The total value of the donated materials is more than 10 million yuan.


On the afternoon of the 16th, the Group donated 100000 isolation suits, and the donation ceremony was held in Jiangxi Red Cross Society. Since then, people’s daily, Xinhuanet,, China Daily, China business daily, consumption daily, China, Jiangxi Daily, Jiangxi TV station, Nanchang TV station, China, Jiangnan Metropolis Daily, Jiangxi morning news, Nanchang evening news, economic evening news, Jiangxi legal network, Jiangxi, Jiangxi Mobile News, Sina Jiangxi, Jiangxi network radio and television station Dozens of mainstream media, such as Hong Kong business daily and Hong Kong economic guide, have widely reported or reprinted Zhoufang group’s charitable donation of tens of millions of materials to fight the epidemic.

Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by New Coronavirus, especially the news of emergency medical supplies, the board of directors of Zhou Fang Group and group has attached great importance to it. It has decided to start the production line of disposable clothing at one time and set up a working group for emergency epidemic prevention materials in the shortest time. The disposable isolation suit donated by Zhoufang group is produced by Jiangxi Ronglai Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group’s medical device plate.

Zhou Xiaohua, chairman of Zhoufang group, said that in order to give full play to the role of private enterprises and fulfill the social responsibilities and responsibilities of corporate citizens, the group will be ready to add production lines at any time according to the development of the epidemic situation, and forge ahead with all sectors of society to overcome the difficulties.

Post time: Nov-30-2021