Ronglai medical of Zhoufang Group donated 2000 sets of isolation suits to Xihu Branch of Nanchang public security bureau to support epidemic prevention and control

On the eve of the Spring Festival, Zhou Rong Group’s Jiangxi Rong Lai Medical Technology Co., Ltd. donated 2000 sets of Rong Lai isolation clothing to the West Lake branch of Nanchang Public Security Bureau, to help COVID-19′s prevention and control work in Nanchang during the Spring Festival in real action, and to add health and safety protection to the workers fighting the epidemic.

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Shu Hailin, manager of operation management department of Zhoufang group, introduced Ronglai isolation clothes and isolation shoe covers to Liu Zhen, deputy secretary of the Party committee and political commissar of Xihu Public Security Bureau, and Yang Lei, deputy director of the Bureau.

It is reported that the total value of epidemic prevention materials donated by Zhoufang group has exceeded 15million yuan in 2020. With the support of various government units, Ronglai medical has completed the allocation of 1.39 million sets of isolation clothing, 600000 isolation caps and 600000 pairs of isolation shoes. It has delivered epidemic prevention materials to the joint service support department of the Central Military Commission and 81 countries overseas for many times.

At the same time, Zhou Fang Group’s Rong Lai medical care was included in the list of key protection enterprises for New Coronavirus pneumonia in China, and was repeatedly recognized by the emergency epidemic prevention command of the epidemic prevention and control of pneumonia in Jiangxi and Nanchang, New Coronavirus. On July 10th, 2020, he won the honorary title of Jiangxi enterprise of anti epidemic contribution; In December 29, 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia was advanced by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and was awarded by the Ministry of industry and information technology. It is a private enterprise in Jiangxi. It has been continuously concerned and reported by more than 40 mainstream media in China, such as people’s network and Xinhua.

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Post time: Dec-01-2021