Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been approved by the Central Committee of the Zhou Fang Group. It has been awarded the title of

With the approval of the central government, the Ministry of industry and manpower [2020]198 document issued the decision of the Ministry of industry and information technology to commend the industrial and information system against COVID-19′s advanced collectives and advanced individuals.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia group, Jiangxi Rong Lai Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has been awarded the “industrial and information system to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic advanced group” title.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia (1) Novel coronavirus pneumonia (2)

Novel coronavirus pneumonia (3) Novel coronavirus pneumonia (4)
Novel coronavirus pneumonia (5)
As a large enterprise group with diversified industries, Zhoufang group has initially formed a diversified development pattern of seven plates. When the epidemic broke out in early 2020, Zhou Xiaohua, chairman of Zhoufang group, immediately set up an emergency epidemic prevention materials production working group, led all cadres and workers of the group to temporarily sink to Rongcai medical section, overcame the shortage of production materials and materials, arduous transportation and other difficulties, and vigorously produced key medical epidemic prevention materials to meet the needs of national epidemic prevention, It has become a solid backing for the whole country and the fight against the epidemic.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia (6) group’s is listed in the list of key enterprises of New Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, and has been recognized by the emergency epidemic prevention command of the epidemic prevention and control of pneumonia in Jiangxi and Nanchang, and has been continuously concerned and reported by more than 40 media in China, including Xinhua and other people’s governments. Only three units in Jiangxi Province have been awarded the title of “anti epidemic advanced collective” by industry and information system. Ronglai medical, a subsidiary of Jiangxi Zhoufang group, is a private enterprise in Jiangxi Province.

Zhou Xiaohua, chairman of novel coronavirus pneumonia, “the advanced collective”, “Jiangxi anti epidemic contribution enterprise” and “epidemic prevention plant”, are honored by the industry and information system. Zhou Fang will cherish the honor and make persistent efforts to give full play to the exemplary lead role and make new contributions to the party and people’s cause.

Post time: Dec-01-2021